The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

About Assessment Centers

Hiring or promoting an executive into a new role or more senior-level role requires great care and careful consideration of capabilities, attributes, experiences, and fit. Complexity of executive roles has, and will, continue to increase dramatically. With so much at stake, it is critically important to know as much as possible about candidates, regardless of whether the situation involves selection or longer-term succession. For individual participants, receiving specific, in-depth feedback is vital to their development and leadership readiness. The assessment center approach offers the kind of comprehensive evaluation required for executive-level roles, with assessment platforms ranging from mid-level to CEO-level role requirements.

Simulations that are used in an assessment center accurately reflect the very difficult and busy challenges of today's executives. Trained assessors use technology to observe and record behaviors and integrate their observations. Professional assessors should also be able to integrate personality tests and other instruments that will give us a more holistic view of the participant. These assessment centers are called Acceleration Centers because they help individuals accelerate their development within an organization as a result of having a richer understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

Participating in an Acceleration Center is an engaging learning experience allowing the participant to reflect on their approach to work challenges in the context of a new and different organizational environment. The completion of the Acceleration Center simulation day sets the stage for critical next-steps in their development process. Participants are provided with information which enables them to accelerate their development and achieve success in future executive positions. Organizations are able to make better-informed decisions about development and readiness of talent, according to the company's specific business drivers.