The International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

34th International Congress on Assessment Center Methods

September 22-24, 2008 | Washington, D.C., USA

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General Sessions

Supporting Marriott's Global Growth Strategy through Integrated Talent Management* - Dr. David Rodriguez, Marriott International, USA
*Presentation not available

2008 Guidelines and Ethical Considerations for Assessment Center Operations

Assessment Centers: Not as (In)Valid as You Think! - Kevin Murphy, Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, USA, and George C. Thornton, Ph.D., Colorado State University, USA
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Contemporary Perspectives on Assessment Center Validity (panel debate)
Ann Howard presentation
Robert Jones and Richard Klimoski presentation
Eric Day and David Woehr presentation
Moderator: George Thornton, Ph.D.
Panelists: Brian Connelly, Ph.D.; Eric Day, Ph.D.; Alyssa Gibbons, Ph.D.; Maynard Goff, Ph.D.; Ann Howard, Ph.D.; Robert Jones, Ph.D.; Richard Klimoski, Ph.D.; Deniz Ones, Ph.D.; Anuradha Ramesh, Ph.D.; Deborah Rupp, Ph.D.; Carl Thoresen, Ph.D.; David Woehr, Ph.D.

Concurrent Sessions

Storms on the Horizon? Changes in the U.S. Legal Environment and their Implications for Assessment Practice - Nancy Rafuse, Ashe, Rafuse & Hill, LLC, USA

Transporting Assessment Centers Across Cultures: A Roundtable Discussion on Challenges and Opportunities* - Jim Kauffman, Ph.D. and Mina Sipe, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI), USA
*Presentation not available

Using Assessment Center Methodology to Rebuild the New Iraqi Intelligence Agency and Implications for Industry in Establishing a Reliable Work Force in Emerging Market Countries - David Morris, Ph.D., Morris & McDaniel, Inc., USA, and Roger McMillin, Retired Chief Justice, Mississippi Court of Appeals, USA

How General Motors is Using Business Relevant Assessment to Transform its U.S. Dealer Network - Kim Brossoit, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI), USA

Developing a Talent Bank in the National Health Service in Wales - Christine Bamford, National Leadership and Innovation Agency for Healthcare, United Kingdom, and Martin Lewis, Southwest Strategic Health Authority, United Kingdom

Using Executive Coaching to Leverage Assessment Center Feedback: Tips for Success - Jeff Kudisch, Ph.D., University of Maryland, USA, and Mark Poteet, Ph.D., Organization Research & Solutions, Inc., USA
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Assessment/Development Centers as a Tool for Change Management - Meena Singh and Vijay Shankar, BRISC Management Group, Canada

Promotional Assessment Centers in Government - Suzanne Tsacoumis, Ph.D., and Dan Putka, Ph.D., HUMRRO, USA, and Michelle David King, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, USA

A Two-Stage Assessment Center that Brought ALL Employees to a Higher Level of Performance - Roy G. Perham, Ph.D., John Jay College, USA

Mechanically-Scored Behavioral Simulations for High Volume Selection - Jim Kauffman, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI), USA

Cross-Cultural Comparisons of Assessment Center Performance* - Paul Bernthal, Ph.D., Development Dimensions International (DDI), USA, and Martin Lanik, Ph.D., Colorado State University, USA
*Presentation not available

A German Survey on Assessment Center Applications 2008 - Christof Obermann, Ph.D., Obermann Consulting, Germany

Predictive Validity of an Assessment Center Program in Big Communities - Bertil Mardberg, City of Göteborg, Sweden

Government Assessment Centers Around the World
Anne Buckett presentation
Diana Hartel presentation 
Kaiguang (Carl) Liang presentation
Myungjoon (Marco) Kim presentation
Bernard Nickels presentation
Moderator: Deborah Rupp, Ph.D.
Participants: Anne Buckett, South Africa; Diana Hartel, Canada; Myungjoon (Marco) Kim, Korea; Kaiguang (Carl) Liang, Ph.D., Shanghai; Bernard Nickels, Ph.D., USA

Tales from Central and Eastern Europe on Running 101 Development Centers: A Practitioner's Review of Applying Assessment Center Methodology in Times of Rapid Growth - Martin Musil, Matrix, Austria

Using Assessment Centers to Identify and Develop Talent: A Deloitte Perspective - Nigel Ritson, Deloitte, South Africa